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Little Feller Turns 3

Life has changed and we have had to adapt during the past 4 months as everyone is trying to navigate through the Covid 19 pandemic. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and simple backyard barbecues with friends have all had to be adjusted and the creativity of many has been impressive. It's a little easier to explain what is going on in the world to older kids and while we all think our Little Feller is above average, explaining a pandemic that not even experts can agree on is difficult to say the least.

Enter Little Feller's birthday. We got extremely lucky because when we asked what kind of party he wanted and who he wanted to invite we were told he didn't want a party and didn't need any friends to come. Of course Gran-D was not okay not having a party and our pandemic construction party was born.

We had a super evening with a delicious dinner at Bill's Burgers in Lampasas and finished the evening with Kyli's fantastic cupcakes.

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