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Our Christmas Letter

We are choosing to focus on the positives this year, but the negatives and trials we faced helped us grow and reminded us how blessed we are with wonderful friends and family who loved us through the hard times. Some highlights of our year that we would like to share:

The shelter in place order in the spring allowed us time to build a 25 x 25 foot deck on our property where we can enjoy the beautiful Texas weather.

Olive, our horse, had a beautiful foal, who Barrett helped name- Charlie Corona Koala.

We got a hot tub that gets use year round and is perfect to enjoy our country view. All our family members enjoy- especially the grandkids and nephew.

Daisy had her third litter of puppies on the 4th of July. They all went to great homes and Kuma and Fletch were again the best nursemaids you could ask for. Daisy then got fixed in the fall, so our puppy days are over, though we do hope to have a litter with Fletch as the stud.

BWI moved into their office in August and business has been steadily increasing. As of now we have four houses going and more on the horizon.

We were able to take a relaxing vacation in Cancun in November with wonderful friends. Ask Bill about the title he won while there :)

The highlight of our year has to be Tori and Josh’s wedding and Bill’s Father Daughter dance with Tori. Adding a son to the family and seeing how happy they are together is the best thing 2020 could have given us.

We are looking forward to 2021 and the adventures that await us. May God Bless you as 2020 draws to a close and 2021 begins. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With Love, Bill and Rachel (and Daisy, Kuma, Fletch, Olive, and Charlie Corona Koala)

A little more about the Fellers….

What a year! As the Feller’s reflect on a 2020, it is hard to fathom all that has happened! Together we faced some of our lowest times to date, but we also made lifelong dreams come true for both Renae and Ronnie! May God continue to get all the credit!

Ronnie started his year with a big decision. He followed his convictions and knew he needed to make a change. After putting in his 2 week notice, we made his dream of owning his own company a reality! Built with Integrity Homes was created! However, it wasn’t until Bill, joined the partnership in July that things really took off!

Renae’s year started off steady like any other, and took a sudden dip in April when she lost her job. This sudden and unexpected loss proved to be quite a challenge in the midst of the COVID shutdown. However, like most trials in life, they live in the shadows of great opportunity! Together Ronnie and Renae decided to trust in God’s timing and made Renae’s dream come true by becoming a stay at home/work at home mom. Renae used that time to focus more on her Usborne Books & More business and had a personal record year of getting over $10,000 worth of books in children’s hands! She also decided to add Norwex to her direct sales business in efforts to make 2021 the Feller’s Healthiest year yet! While all these transitions proved to be a harder than anticipated it has brought new friendships, and positive changes in the Feller house.

Last, but not least there is Barrett! What a trooper he has been through all of the changes! Initially he was not a fan! Ronnie’s first jobs as BWI were actually out of town, which was stressful for everyone. Then things got even harder when Renae lost her job. Barrett missed his friends at “school” aka, Little Texans, and wanted mommy to go to work. Thankfully as Renae got better at transitioning to her new role, Barrett did too! He quickly bonded with mom over the endless amounts of books he could read, playing outside, and making special visits to his favorite people.

We end 2020 so grateful for our village of friends and family that have stood by our side and supported us through all the highs and lows. May God bless each of you with health, and happiness.

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